SEMSEM: Fostering cooperation among mediterranean countries


SEMSEM: Services for Employability and Mobility in the form of Business Internships for Students from the Maghreb/Mashreq

This project aims to revive the practice of graduates in companies in addition to the mandatory form in the appropriate grades to improve the employability of young people. There are involved many universities from both shores of the Mediterranean sea.

 SEMSEM is a cooperation project funded by Tempus Programme which is an EU financial tool to support the modernisation of higher education in the partner countries of the western Balkans, eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. Tempus is an integral part of the EU’s foreign policies (Neighbourhood, Enlargement and Development), which are aimed at promoting prosperity, stability and security in these regions.

Partners are from Spain, France, Morocco, Algerie, Deutschland, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon. Not only are cooperating universities but also chambers of commerce, ministries of education and Industrial Associations.

The aim is to improve the skills of university students through practice and training in companies. Enhancing the employability of young graduates and opening the door to get a foothold in the labour market more rapidly. VET is a powerful gun to insert youth in the labour market, no matter the educational background or the age. The more VET is offered, the better run the labour market

The Balearic Islands University is a fully member of SEMSEM and FUEIB asked me to present some Balearic Islands Labour Market facts, taking into account the specific context of an economy highly specialised in tourism activities. Furthermore, some key ideas about Active Labour Market Policies  applied to the youth will be commented along the lecture.


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